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Why You Want to Avoid Orange Lipstick if You Want a Whiter Smile

Posted on 6/20/2017 by Kooning Family Dentistry
A woman putting on makeup and lipstick.
When you wear lipstick, especially a bold color, it draws the attention of anyone you come into contact with straight to your mouth, whether that is your intention or not. And with all that attention on your mouth, people are bound to notice your teeth.

If your teeth aren't quite as white as you want them to be, this can make you self-conscious? But did you know that the color of your lipstick can make all the difference?

Orange Lipstick

Orange lipstick, or lipsticks with orange undertones, can be detrimental to your smile, tending to make your teeth appear more yellow than they truly are. This is because orange and yellow are fairly similar on the color wheel.

If you use an orange tinted lipstick, it will accent the yellow tones of your teeth, making them stand out more than if you were to wear no lipstick at all.

Lipsticks to Use

There are plenty of other bold options, aside from orange, that can not only help you stand out, but make your teeth appear whiter as well. But just be aware of the undertones in those colors that you use.

Even if you opt for a red, pink, or even nude shade, these can all still have orange undertones. Instead, choose colors that have blue, or cool, undertones.

Blue shades are considered to be complementary to orange hues on the color wheel. While it might seem that blue would then highlight the yellow shade of your teeth, the opposite is true. Blue shades actually help to cancel out the yellow tones, and make your teeth look brighter.

What if You Really Want Orange?

Orange is a bold color, and can really make a statement. So, if you are still set on using it (or colors with orange undertones), there is something you can do.

You will have to use a whitening product on your teeth. There are multiple options available. You can use store bought whiteners, or, you can ask your dentist about what whitening options they offer.

The right shade of lipstick will not only draw attention to you, it can enhance the beauty of your smile and leave a lasting impression. But you should still take care of your mouth and teeth, which will help to keep them white and healthy.

Contact our office if you have any concerns over the discoloration of your teeth and what you can do to restore a brilliant white smile.

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