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Symptoms Your Dental Abscess is Spreading

Posted on 1/15/2018 by Kooning Family Dentistry
Dental Abscess Kooning Family Dentistry OR 97035A dental abscess, or tooth abscess, happens when pus accumulates inside the teeth or gums. This pus is then strengthened by bacteria found in plaque, which is what the leftover specks of food, saliva and other bacteria that you can see or feel wedged between your teeth, and this kind of bacteria then accumulates and starts slowly but surely drilling into tooth and tissues, slowly making a big space where the pus accumulates.

This then results in a lot of pain and a myriad of other diseases. There are three types of abscess: gingival abscess affects the gums only, periodontal abscess affecting the periodontal ligament and the supporting tissues of the tooth and periapical abscess, which is present and affects the soft pulp of the tooth.

How Would I Know If I Have a Dental Abscess?

The main indication of a dental abscess is severe discomfort and even pain. This is a pain that occurs suddenly and is very severe. The pain also gradually strengthens and in some cases, the pain may be present in other parts of the body, like the temples and even your ears.

Other most common symptoms are feelings of pain while using your teeth, sensitivity to hot and cold food and liquids, a foul taste in a person's mouth, fever, general malaise (a person may feel generally unwell), trismus - a person may find it hard to open his or her mouth and dysphagia.

Basically, dental abscess will not occur if you are doing proper dental hygiene. The plaque and pus makes an environment for bacteria to thrive in and attack the roots and even the teeth itself.

A dental abscess should be treated right away, else it will lead to riskier situations like sepsis, which is lethal. Contact us for more information or if any of the above symptoms arises, or to know about the treatment procedures of an abscess.
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