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Different Types of Dental Cracks

Posted on 7/20/2018 by Kooning Family Dentistry
Different Types of Dental CracksWhen it comes to cracks, no two are exactly alike. They come in different shapes and sizes. When it comes to dental cracks, not only do they look different, the reasons for the cracks can vary.

The one thing that all dental cracks have in common is that they are not something to ignore. These are some of the different types of dental cracks and what makes them different.

5 Types of Cracks

Most cracks fall into one of these 5 categories.

•  Craze Lines - These are microfractures that occur in the enamel of the tooth. These occur in all teeth and appear as striations in the teeth. They do not cause any real problems other than the appearance of the teeth. One of the causes of craze lines is trauma to the teeth.
•  Fractured Cusp - These occur mostly in the molars. They are either a complete or incomplete fracture in the crown of the tooth. The most common cause is trauma and the cracks can result in sensitivity and pain. Treatment includes transillumination or root canal therapy depending on the severity of the crack.
•  Cracked Tooth - This is an incomplete fracture of the tooth. These cracks are not always easy to see. Symptoms can range from tooth sensitivity to temperature or biting. Treatment for a cracked tooth varies and can include root canal therapy or replacement of the tooth. There are also steps to take to prevent further damage.
•  Split tooth - A complete fracture of a tooth that goes from the crown to the root is a split tooth. People can experience pain when chewing or biting. The causes of a split tooth include trauma, bruxism and biting on hard objects. Treatment is typically to remove the split part of the tooth while salvaging the remaining portion.
•  Vertical Root Fracture - This is a crack hat occurs at the root of the tooth and extends vertically. It is often associated with root canal treatments. The treatment for this is usually removal of the tooth.

At our offices, we see dental cracks every day. We do our best to teach everyone how to prevent cracks but recognize that they do happen. We work with everyone to make sure that we take care of their dental cracks in the best way possible.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, do not wait. Contact our dental professionals today.
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