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The Effects Stress Can Have on Your Oral Health
Posted on 6/20/2018 by Kooning Family Dentistry
In today's hectic world, stress is a concern that affects many of us. When you are overwhelmed with stress, your overall wellness could be affected. Even your oral health may be impacted as a result of stress. Teeth GrindingMany people have a habit of grinding their teeth when they are dealing with a stressful situation. Known as bruxism, this condition can cause damage to the enamel and teeth, and soreness and headaches are also possible. If bruxism is an ongoing issue, you may need a mouth guard to prevent damage, especially at night. Canker SoresCanker sores aren't well understood. These painful white spots inside of the mouth are harmless, but they may develop as a result of stress. While there isn't much you can do to treat them, they should go away on their own within a week or two. Tooth DecayIf you are feeling so stressed out that you can't keep up with your normal oral hygiene routine, tooth decay may result. If you find that you aren't brushing or flossing as much due to stress, you may be putting your teeth at risk of decay. Likewise, if stress and anxiety have you eating too much junk food, your poor diet could affect your oral health. Dry MouthStress is one of the main contributors to dry mouth, which involves a lack of saliva needed to wash away food particles and bacteria. Plus, if your stress level becomes so high that you need medication to treat depression or anxiety, you may experience dry mouth as a side effect to those prescriptions. If you are concerned about how your stress level is affecting your oral health, call us today for an evaluation. We can inspect your teeth and gums and can offer suggestions on how to improve your oral health routine. Your health - oral and overall - is important to us....

The Dangers of Not Getting Regular Dental Care
Posted on 6/10/2018 by Kooning Family Dentistry
There are some people out there who do not take the time to get proper dental care. This may be due to a fear of seeing any dentist, too little money to come in and see us, or they simply do not have a very high priority level on their oral health. No matter the cause, coming in to see us regularly is incredibly important. If you go without proper dental care for too long, more than just your oral health is at risk. What Can Happen if You Do Not Get Proper Dental Care? The first thing that can, and will happen, is that you will develop gum disease. This is when there is inflammation of your gums, which can extend down to the root of your teeth. The effect of this is damaged gums, bleeding gums, and eventually, tooth loss. Another thing that will happen is you will begin to lose your teeth. This may not happen right away, but it will happen if you go without regular dental care long enough. The teeth need healthy gums to hold them in tight. The longer your gums go without the proper care, the closer you get to losing your teeth. When you go without proper dental care even longer, the effects spread beyond your mouth. Untreated gum disease can cause the plaque in your mouth to get deposited in other parts of your body, such as in your brain or in your heart. If you do not want this to happen, you need to call our office. By calling us right now, you are taking a proactive step in making sure your mouth is healthy. Even if it has been a long time since you saw a dentist, we can still help. Call us today and let us help give you back your health....

How to Care for New Dental Bonding
Posted on 5/20/2018 by Kooning Family Dentistry
One of the easiest solutions to fixing a chipped or broken tooth is dental bonding. This special type of resin is shaped, fitted to your tooth, and then hardened. It's not a replacement tooth or fake tooth, so you don't have to worry about taking it out or making sure it's fitted into your mouth properly. However, you do have to take some care with your dental bonding. You don't want it to break or become discolored. Here are a few things to keep in mind. You Need to Brush and Floss RegularlyJust like you would with natural teeth, you need to be sure to brush the bonding and floss between that tooth and its neighbors. You don't need to use any special toothpaste or anything like that, but you do need to brush and floss several times a day. Otherwise, your bonding may become discolored or even break down more quickly. Be Careful what You BiteYou won't really have any food restrictions with your bonding, but you do want to be careful with your teeth. This applies to more than just bonding-you don't want to damage your teeth, your fillings, or any other dental work. While it might seem convenient, don't use your teeth to open food packages or anything similar. That can easily cause damage. You should only use your teeth for biting and chewing food. Watch What You DrinkRemember that coffee, teas, and sodas can all stain your teeth. If you don't want your new bonding to become stained, try to limit the amount of these beverages that you drink. You could also drink them through a straw so the liquid doesn't get on the teeth. Want to learn more about dental bonding or have a tooth you'd like to repair with bonding? Call us today to make an appointment....

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