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Dental Bonding

Dental bonding in Lake Oswego, OR.Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that we provide here at Kooning Family Dentistry. It is used for a wide range of reasons, but mostly to repair chipped and broken teeth. In order to restore the tooth's appearance, bonding has to be done to shape the tooth back to its former look. Understanding dental bonding prior to having the procedure done can help patients feel more confident and can help them to determine if this is the procedure they should undergo.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is achieved when we take a composite resin that is the same color as your teeth and shape or manipulate to mimic the look of your tooth. We will then adhere it to your tooth using a curing light. This light cures the resin so that it dries without having chips or cracks. The materials that are used are being bonded to the tooth itself, giving it the name dental bonding. This is done at our dental office, does not require any special instructions, is minimally-invasive and will not cause you any pain.

This process can take a bit of time since Dr. Chris Kooning has to sculpt the rest of the tooth using the resin. The goal is to make the tooth look and feel as natural as possible. Since resin is being used, it needs to harden and cure before you can use it normally, but it does not take long and you are back to your normal routine. Dental bonding is also care for in the same manner as your other teeth, requiring regular brushing and flossing.

Reasons for Dental Bonding

There are numerous reasons why someone would want dental bonding done, including:
•  A chipped, cracked or broken tooth
•  Misshapen tooth or teeth
•  Tooth that has decay on the sides that needs to be removed and replaced
•  To fill a cavity
•  To provide structure and support to a hollow tooth
•  Sometimes used for other dental construction or cosmetic reasons

While dental bonding provides you with a beautiful smile once again, it is different from veneers or other dental additions that are placed in the mouth. There are no materials that are being placed over the tooth. The tooth is being reconstructed using a material that hardens with the curing light. Often times, dental bonding may be needed for structural support, often being placed inside the tooth so that it does not fail.

If dental bonding sounds like something you are interested in, please call us at (503) 673-9097. We can provide you with some background information on what would be done, give you an exam and ensure that your smile is restored when you need it to be. Call us today to learn more regarding dental bonding procedures and how Dr. Chris Kooning can help you.
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