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Implant-Supported Denture vs. Traditional Denture

When it comes to tooth loss, we have our patients covered! We understand how hard it can be to lose teeth; all your favorite foods get harder to eat, you lose some of the beauty of your smile, you even start to feel self-conscious about your appearance. Here at Kooning Family Dentistry, we want to offer our patients an honest look at what tooth replacement looks like in all of its various forms. On this page we will be comparing and contrasting two of the most popular tooth replacement options on the market today – dental implant supported dentures and traditional dentures.

What is a Dental Implant Supported Denture?

Dental implant supported dentures offer patients a permanent, non-removable, tooth replacement option that is supported by dental implants. Dental implants are surgically placed into the bone of your jaw and can last you a lifetime if you take proper care of them.

What is a Traditional Dental Dentures?

Traditional dentures are a removable tooth replacement option that is made to look and act just like your real teeth. Traditional dentures are made of an acrylic substance and must be removed from your mouth to be cleaned and while you are sleeping.

Implant-Supported Denture Pros and Cons


Dental implant tooth replacement solutions are typically going to be your best bet in the long-term, for a number of reasons.
•  Implant supported dentures are a long-lasting and permanent tooth replacement option, which makes them quite desirable.
•  They mimic your natural teeth in form and function and can be easily taken care of with simple brushing and flossing.
•  Because they are permanent, you cant remove them and don’t need to deal with the hassle of denture adhesives.
•  They replace your natural teeth so completely that they even give you some oral health benefits in the form of keeping your jaw bone healthy.


While dental implant solutions are the best long-term options to restore missing teeth, there are a few things patients should consider before choosing them.
•  Because implant supported dentures require surgical placement and a decent amount of high-quality parts, they have a significantly higher up-front and overall cost.
•  The healing process following surgery can take a decent amount of time to complete. Healing time for dental implant range from two to six months and can take longer if the health of your jaw bone is lacking.

Traditional Denture Pros and Cons

Traditional dentures have come a long way from the many decades that they have been available, but they still come with some inherent pros and cons.


Traditional dental dentures do have a few things working in their favor when compared to other more permanent tooth loss solution.
•  Dentures are an affordable way to replace teeth in both form and function.
•  They give you back your ability to eat and speak as you did before tooth loss.


While they offer an affordable up-front solution to tooth loss, traditional dentures still come with some significant drawbacks.
•  To clean dentures, you must remove them from your mouth and use a specially made toothbrush to keep them clean.
•  While you sleep, you must store your dentures in a glass of water or denture soaking solution.
•  Dentures may change over time to become uncomfortable, in which case you would need to have another set of dentures made.
•  They must be held in place by dentures adhesives, which can be messy and a bit of an annoyance to place.

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