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Laser Bacterial Reduction

Gum disease treatment in Lake Oswego, OR.Those who suffer from chronic periodontitis, or other serious oral conditions, want to find a way to reduce the amount of plaque and other bacteria that is commonly found in the mouth. Those with these conditions find themselves having an overabundance of bacteria inside their mouths, causing tooth decay, tooth breakage, and bad breath. Those who want to minimize the number of bacteria in their mouth often think that brushing and flossing more frequently can help. While this does help to some degree, there is also another procedure that can greatly help the patient reduce the bacteria within the mouth. Give us a call here at Kooning Family Dentistry, and see if laser bacterial reduction would benefit you.

What You Can Expect With Laser Bacterial Reduction

When using lasers to remove the buildup on the outside and between the teeth, it eliminates the need for a more invasive approach to removing plaque and other built up bacteria. Similar to the oral cleaning that you would normally receive, these lasers will work closer to the gum line, reducing the chances of the patient suffering from gingivitis or other serious health conditions that occur due to bacteria buildup.

Even with repeated cleanings, often the patient's bacteria will build up with time and multiply. When using the laser treatment method, the patient can have cleaner, brighter, whiter teeth for a longer period of time. This keeps the bacteria away so that the patient is able to keep up on the cleanings and plaque that would normally cover the teeth, gums and tongue.

With a laser, the treatment is non-invasive, the patient does not need to be put to sleep and the outcome is much more effective than normal cleanings that can sometimes be bothersome to the patient who is receiving them. Lasers have been shown to be much more effective at treating a lot of bacterial mouth infections and diseases, rather than going into the patient's mouth in a more invasive manner.

The Benefits of Using Laser Bacterial Reduction

When laser bacterial reduction is used, there is a more positive outcome for those suffering from periodontal diseases. Our offices provide a treatment plan that is tailored to each and every patient's specific needs. The treatment plan depends on their disease, level of affliction, and the specific help they may need. This will ensure that they receive the right treatments within a specified amount of time to continue to keep the bacteria away from the mouth.

Although many offices may not use laser treatments, it continues to be one of the most effective treatments for many dental offices that want to ensure that bacteria and other oral issues are cleared up. Here at Kooning Family Dentistry, we provide our patients with some of the most innovative, effective and reliable procedures out there, so that we can ensure that our patients get the dental work that needs to be done.

Dr. Chris Kooning also provides many other laser dentistry procedures to those who would like a whiter, brighter, healthier smile. For an appointment to obtain laser bacterial reduction, or other laser procedures, please give us a call at (503) 673-9097.
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