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Sport Mouth Guards and Night Guards

Young boy wearing a sports jersey with a protective mouthguard on his teeth.
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At Kooning Family Dentistry in Lake Oswego, OR, we can protect your teeth from damage with a customized mouthguard or night guard. There are many options in store bought versions, but only the ones made by a dentist are designed to fit your mouth perfectly and comfortably. We understand that if the fit isn't right, you're more likely to not wear it, and we want to help you protect your teeth. Dr Kooning is happy to discuss the various styles and options available to have the right mouthguard or night guard for you.

When Would I Need a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards are needed for a large variety of sports and outdoor activities. Some sports have become aware and sensitive to the need for mouth guards, like football and hockey, others have not. Statistics show that the number one type of sports related injury across all sports is mouth related. You can both protect your teeth, and remove some of the impact given to the mouth when injuries occur by wearing a customized mouthguard. Not limited to sports, we ask that patients who participate in a variety of activities consider having a mouthguard created for themselves and their children. Activities such as:
•  Baseball
•  Soccer
•  Basketball
•  Lacrosse
•  Horseback Riding
•  Skateboarding
•  ATV Riding
•  Cycling
•  Skating
•  Jumping
•  Climbing
•  Free Running
•  Boxing
•  Skiing
•  Field Hockey
•  Racquetball

Studies done on Emergency Rooms in the US tell us that:
•  An average of 22,000 children under the age of 18 receive dental injuries annually that are serious enough to seek emergency room treatment from sports related activities.
•  Of all sports related mouth injuries seen in emergency rooms, baseball and basketball were associated with the largest number of kids between 13 and 18 seen.

When Would I Need a Night Guard?

Close up of a clear, custom teeth night gaurd being held by a dentist.
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We suggest a customized night guard when we see characteristics that indicate bruxism. This is a common dental disorder typified by patients grinding or clenching their teeth while they sleep. Bruxism is often a short term disorder that many people experience at some point, but it can have serious effects on your teeth. For our Lake Oswego patients who grind their teeth, they can actually grind them flat, so that there are little or no ridges on their chewing molars. Patients who clench can cause multiple fractures or cracks in their teeth, which can lead to breakage, or provide passage for bacteria to reach inside of your teeth causing the need for significant restorations. The creation of a night guard can protect teeth by placing a barrier between them to stop the damage while the patient is going through this dental disorder that is often associated with stress.

You may be surprised to find that a higher percentage of children suffer from bruxism than adults. Studies vary, but approximately 10–14% of children occasionally deal with bruxism compared to 8–10% of adults, though up to 50% of adults will experience limited bruxism. You can protect your teeth with a night guard.

For more information on mouth guards for sports and outdoor related activities, or for patients who suffer with bruxism, call our Lake Oswego, OR office at (503) 673-9097 to make an appointment with Dr. Chris Kooning.
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