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Digital x-ray technology at Kooning Family Dentistry.

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Dentistry is currently in an exciting phase of advancement. As technology improves, your time in the chair becomes more precise, faster, and better for your oral health. We can make a significant difference in your smile. Dr. Kooning believes in continuing his education to stay in line with the latest tips, tools, and technology. Our practice offers:

•  Digital X-rays: Taking x-rays digitally is a huge advancement from the traditional x-rays of your childhood. They create sharper, larger, high-resolution images that we can view at your chairside. Digital images are saved digitally, can be shared digitally, and will never be lost. The best part is significantly less radiation exposure, often 90% less. Read more about Digital X-rays.

•  Ultrasonic Scaler: Ultrasonic scaling is a new, technological advancement in treatment that operates at a high frequency to more efficiently, and less painfully, remove tartar buildup on your teeth. Read more about Ultrasonic Scalers.

•  Intraoral Camera: An intraoral camera is a small device that resembles a toothbrush that is essentially a high-tech version of the small handheld mirror you're used to seeing when you sit down in the dentist's chair. With this device, we are able to better examine your mouth. Read more about Intraoral Cameras.

•  Laser Dentistry: No shots, no drills, no vibrations, no pain, laser dentistry allows us to drill without the use of a drill. We offer both the Biolase WaterLase iPlus All-Tissue Laser, and the Biolase Epic X Diode Laser. Dr. Kooning can remove decay and gain access in your tooth with a very specific and precise laser beam that allows him to restore your teeth without anesthetic.

•  CEREC: Dr. Kooning uses the latest technology to provide his patients high-quality dental care. With our CEREC machine and 3D imaging laser we can customize and create your dental appliance in-office in hours, versus weeks. CEREC allows us to create customized ceramic crowns, veneers, and bridges while you wait.

We are proud of the innovative equipment we have to make your dental visits more comfortable, we know you'll love it too! It means less time in the chair, with superior performance.

Christopher D. Kooning DMD, PC
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