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Treatment Planning

Doctor and patient talking in office about treatment planning.When it comes to dental work, almost everyone is nervous. It can be a long and expensive road should you find anything wrong, after all, and the uncertainty of the process can make create a lot of tension. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help reduce that tension and unease by determining a specific course of action. At Kooning Family Dentistry, we want you to feel at ease in our facility. That’s why we take the time to meet with you and take a look at your situation. Once your diagnosis is in place, we will work with you to create what is known as a treatment plan. This is a plan that outlines your situation both financially and medically, and lists the procedures you will have done and roughly how much you can expect to pay for them.

Why do I Need a Treatment Plan?

It is important to carefully put together a treatment plan with us so that we are on the same page about your dental surgery goals and needs. Planning ahead allows us to better anticipate your procedures and be prepared so that when you come in, everything is already in place and ready to go. This makes surgery an easier process for both us and you. When combined with dental surgery planning, a treatment plan can have a significant effect on your mood towards your treatment.

What is Dental Surgery Planning?

Before we get started with your surgery or finalize your treatment plan, you will want to come in and meet with us so that we can look over your medical history. This includes any medications that you take as well as any prior procedures you have had, any allergies, or any other information that might prove to be useful in this instance. This will also give us a chance to talk with you about what you expect your smile to look like after your treatment, as well as what kinds of issues you anticipate will be fixed. Again, this just helps us get on the same page about your procedures and enables us to better ensure that we meet your expectations.

What are Digital Impressions?

Another tool that is often used in the treatment planning and dental surgery planning process is digital impressions. Digital impressions are things that are created using digital x-rays, 3-D imaging technology, study models, and surgical guides of your jaw and teeth. These tools help us understand what kind of “environment” in which we will be working, and will also help us get a head start on any prosthetics that will be necessary. Essentially, digital impressions help us get the bulk of the work done before surgery ever starts. This helps eliminate surprises as much as possible and helps to make everything just a bit more efficient.

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